I am an experienced maths tutor, with many years of helping students get a clearer grasp of the concepts of maths, and how to use maths in everyday life.

Your maths tutor at work

Your maths tutor at work

My passion with maths is to make the complex approachable.  I have always disliked that many students come to me thinking that maths is irrelevant or abstract.  Yes, some of it is, but what I focus on is bringing the abstract back to reality, so it is usable and has benefit.  Maths is only irrelevant if one cant see how to use it.

So my approach to teaching maths as your private tutor, is to bring each step into a real life example of how it might be used.

If you are in the Glasgow area and need help to better understand mathematics, both at school level and for wider use, contact me.